Description: We know you said you were retiring after your last big job, but your associates have set up one final heist that could net you more than you could dream. It is your job to get in and out undetected with all the loot. You and your team will need to work together to solve puzzles, ciphers and logic problems along the way. You only have one hour before the police respond. Good Luck, you will need it!

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Exithis Pensacola is Pensacola Florida's newest, most innovative and challenging escape room entertainment. Your goal is to escape the scenarios and complete the challenges in 60 minutes or less. Some experiences are more difficult than others, but each guarantees an exciting, heart pounding, action movie style adventure. Our goal at Exithis Pensacola is to totally immerse you in the adventure in which you choose. Whether it's the 10 ft high iron bars, or the full wall metal vault, we strive to make the environment as realistic as possible. We hope you will get your team together and join us on this epic adventure!


You have been locked up for a crime you did not commit, and are scheduled to be moved to deathrow in the morning. The warden has responded to a fight in the mess hall and now is your opportunity to make your escape and prove your innocence. You will need to escape the cell and then the wardens office. Channel your inner convict and think like a action movie star. Your team has only one hour to solve the puzzles and escape to freedom.

Bank Heist

jail Break


Escape Rate: 51%

Escape Rate:37%

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Description: After searching the world over, you and your team of explorers have finally made it to the great Aztec temple. You have made it into the final room, now find the Mayan idol and escape the natives before it's to late. Beware of the traps that guard your prize, and be sure to channel the ancient mathematicians along the way.  We are counting on you to get it done.

Escape Rate: 21%

What Is Exithis Pensacola?